Geek Dating: The Friendzone, Rejection, and How Geeky Love Happens Right After

Everyone has their own personal awkward phase, most of the time though, it would during their teens. However, for geeks, sometimes that stage takes a little while longer. It could be that you’re a little uncomfortable around crowds, or maybe you’re just not that good at approaching the gents (this also applies to ladies by […]

5 Quirky Celebrity Apps

Celebrities have their own perfumes and calendars, so why not have their own app? Fortunately for fans, celebrities are embracing the mobile trend and several apps are now available for a few bucks or absolutely for free. There are all sorts of apps to satisfy everyone’s fandom needs. While some are total nonsense, here are […]

Preparing for Titanfall: Important news this week in technology

This last week has been filled with tons of different updates to the tech world. Most of them have been about robotics and the potential of cybernetics, but a lot of them are still light hearted. During this week, there will be at least 2 major game releases and a few news stories that you […]

Proper Disposal of Old Computers and Other E-Wastes

Now that we are on the digital age, one of the problems is the proper management of electronic wastes. Also called e-waste, these are the discarded parts of all types of electronic devices. These are no ordinary trashes, since they contain contaminants not limited to cadmium, lead and beryllium. Improper disposal may cause air, water […]

Tips When Traveling to a Concert in a Far Venue

There are a lot of musicians out there who deserve to be followed every time they have a concert. Even if you have seen them perform before, you still get excited seeing them perform every time. This is true especially for rock bands that are as good as Imagine Dragons. Lucky for you, they are […]

The Making of a Computer Genius

There is no such thing as a natural or born computer genius. Although the trait may be acquired early in life, a person does not possess computer ability as an inborn quality. Computer knowledge and expertise is earned and acquired by means of rigid and consistent study and application. Nonetheless, any person regardless of age […]

Traveling Through Your Own Backyard or on a Budget

Everyone wants to travel the world, but the fact of the matter is that traveling is pricey. Ever wanted to see the Taj Mahal or maybe you want to scale the Eiffel Tower? Well you’d better have a few thousands dollars lying around, because both places are expensive in their own right. When moving around […]

The Ethics of a Great Freelancer

Freelancing is a hard field. You have inconsistent work, your hours are strange, and sometimes dealing with random clients can be hard. These are the things that make it difficult, and in whatever field you are in, you’re bound to run into the same problems. Of course, it takes time to learn some real lessons […]

Become a Career Coach

A career coach will look at your resume and identify the best way to present this information in writing so it is concise, clear and sells the client’s skills and background in the best possible way. Do you feel as though your talents and skills are being overlooked? Employees are always keen to undergo career […]